You will be working with a professional bridal consultant who will guide you through the amazing journey of finding the dress! Both you and your consultant will browse gowns and she will assist you putting them on, it definitely takes a helping hand!

Yes, for bridal appointments. Prom and Formal gowns are walk-in only.

Gowns start at $1200.00 and top off at $4000.00 with the average being around $1700.00. Please call for more detailed information.

4 to 7 months depending on a few variables. Please call to request more detailed information.

All wedding gown sales are final sales, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on special order items.

No, but we have seamstresses we recommend.

Wedding gowns are made to be altered and can be adjusted by a professional seamstress.

Yes they are allowed if they are accompanied at all times by a dedicated caretaker.